Willhemina “Willie” Wahlin


Willhemina is a Graphic Design lecturer at CSU in Port Macquarie. She is passionate about the power of visual storytelling, and about education in visual literacy. Since 2009, she has been the Creative Director of PROOF : Media for Social Justice, a non-profit organisation based in New York that uses visual storytelling for social justice & human rights. Recently, she designed a projected exhibition, “The Rescuers” for ArtWalk in Port Macquarie.

We are so pleased to welcome Willie back for #LitFest2444 2018.

Students will experiment with a mini photo studio. In groups, students will devise a story collaboratively, plan how it will be told visually through storyboarding, and then set up shots in mini-studios, shooting their images with their phones. Each group will present their images.


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Here are some students partipating in Willie’s Visual Storytelling session from #LitFest2444 May 2017

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