Jess and Leona have five years experience working together in radio production, producing audio features, conversation, fiction and poetry across a range of commercial, community and public radio. Together, they keep coming back to stories about the apocalypse, Timor Leste and politics, and have co-produced audio fiction workshops with the Footscray Arts Centre and Emerging Writers’ Festival. Currently they’re both producers at ABC RN and Jess is program manager at Audiocraft Festival.

Want to know how to make a podcast?

In this session you’ll learn how to turn your stories into creative audio, full of voices textures and sounds. Spend the day getting hands-on experience writing, recording and editing your own podcast stories, true and fictional. Experiment with sound and tell great stories at the same time. There are lots of things to love about podcasting and lots of roles to play — this session will suit anyone who loves creative writing, journalism, drama music or technology. Or all of those things!

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