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Matt Cato

I am passionate about multimedia and technology. I’ve been a high school teacher for 17 years and had the privilege of teaching in the areas of visual arts, design and IT. I spent a year teaching in Canada where I had the opportunity to teach film production, animation and graphic design. I am currently the Leader of Learning Technologies at St Joseph’s Regional College, Port Macquarie and oversee the implementation of iPads as tools for student engagement. I love to explore new technologies and how they can be used to enhance student creativity.

noun, often attributive  stop-mo·tion  \ ˈstäp-ˈmō-shən \

Do you love films? Interested in creating your own animated short film? Stop motion is a filming technique in which successive positions of objects (such as clay models) are photographed to produce the appearance of movement…. sound complicated? It’s not. With some readily accessible apps and devices you can make your own stop motion film. You will leave the workshop with a knowledge and understanding of how to create, edit and produce your own stop motion short film. You don’t need to bring anything… however if you must….bring an iPad or iPhone.


Learn more about stop motion films here: How Long Does It Take to Make a Stop Motion Film Like ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and ‘Coraline’?

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