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Rachael Watts

Rachel Watts is a writer from Perth, Western Australia. She has a Master’s Degree in Media and Communication from Curtin University, with a focus on creative writing. A recovering journalist, she now writes fiction and creative non-fiction. She has been published in Island, Kill Your Darlings, The Big Issue, Tincture Journal and more. Her young adult novella Survival will be released in 2018. Learn more about that here:  www.wattswrites.com.

Go with your heart: creativity and getting words out of your head

Writing is of the heart: great writing is authentic and has a pulse of its own. Your worldview is unique. It’s time to practice putting that on the page, with literary confidence developed by reading the masters and plenty of practice. Using the guidance of some of literature’s most creative minds, upper high school attendees will develop their own work in a three-hour session. With idea generation exercises, close study of model texts and the opportunity to develop and share their unique written style, young storytellers will learn to develop and hone their work into new and inspiring art.


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