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Louise Seymour

Drawing upon various paper art disciplines such as Origami, Papercutting and Paper Scultpure, Louise transforms the humble sheet of paper into bespoke pieces of art for a variety of audiences. She has worked with communities, libraries, galleries and well known craft brands to deliver site specific installations and custom workshops. Through her paper engineering skills Louise has collaborated with various creative agencies to design and deliver site specific work along with live demonstrations to assist in bringing an event to life. Louise’s practice is deep rooted in her former career as a Medical Scientist and she attacks each project with the same precision and detail as her previous laboratory world demanded. Previous clients include Facebook, Instagram, Westfield and National Gallery of Victoria.

Why you should share your creative passion with the world

How do we find our creative voice? Is there a way we can live abundantly and spark joy in others by sharing our creativity?

Pretty big questions right? I’ve been asking myself these 2 things for most of my life. My answer came in the form of the humble sheet of paper and I can trace it all back to one book…. “Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes”.

Throughout this interactive session I’ll share with you my personal experience of how I went from folding my very first paper crane in Grade 3 to studying Medical Science at Uni to managing a Day Spa to living in London for 2 years while working in Recruitment to 10 years in Medical Science to ultimately becoming a full time Paper Artist with my company Paperlab.

Sometimes the road to your true creative voice isn’t so clear cut but we can each make our own path… one fold at a time. 

The session will conclude with a mass folding of origami cranes.



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