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Jenna Mynott


Jenna thrives on creativity, curiosity and play, and is passionate about the positive impact these activities can have on well-being and academic achievement. Jenna’s background sees an amalgam of over a decade in the corporate and education sectors across roles such as coach, facilitator, and teacher. She loves finding new ways of connecting individuals with knowledge and helping them discover their purpose. Jenna is co-founder of The Posify Group, an organisation dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering individuals and their communities to boost optimism and improve wellbeing.

Blackout Poetry Workshop

You’ve most likely heard of upcycling rubbish or furniture, but have you ever heard of upcycling words? This 1 hour workshop pushes the boundaries of what is considered “poetry” through exploration of and experimentation in what Austin Kleon terms ‘Blackout Poetry”. You will learn the art of transforming existing texts found in old newspapers or books into new stories or poems through the blacking out of unwanted words surrounding your chosen ‘anchor’ words. You will be challenged to break through creative fears, and experiment with different texts and techniques, walking away with your very own blackout poem at the end of the session!



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