James Coquillat
James Coquillat

James Coquillat is a writer, games designer, and translator from Melbourne, Australia.

A graduate of the Victorian College of the Art’s Bachelor of Screenwriting course, James specializes in new and interactive media, with a focus on video games, tabletop products, and virtual reality content.  When not staring blearily at a fumbled roll, or fearfully at a final boss, James is furiously writing for projects like League of Geek’s Armello and Chaosium’s Reign of Terror.”

James’ workshop ‘The most dangerous game’ introduces outsiders to the world of tabletop roleplaying games and to the type of content, experiences and opportunities that exist for writers within it.

“Dungeons and Dragons is beloved by writers. The creators of hit shows like Community, Adventure Time, and Game of Thrones, all cited the game as an influence on their seminal work.

So why D&D? Tabletop RPGs provide unique interactive storytelling skills. All writers should be playing. Alongside skill development, there’s the opportunity to work creating tabletop content, and the opportunity to develop the core experience necessary for aspiring video games writers.

Learn more about James’ work here www.jamescoquillat.weebly.com or follow him on Twitter