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Ollie Brooke

Ollie Brooke is an entrepreneur based in Port Macquarie.  His business ‘Cloud Concepts’ is a website development and software consulting agency servicing dozens of clients all over New South Wales.

With a strong background in software development, Ollie is a firm believer in the power of a systematic approach to both his business products & services and life itself.

Over the years, his keen interest in philosophy and existentialism,coupled with an ever present desire to figure things out, has led him on to create a very successful business which he uses to help him contribute to the wider community through both event sponsorship and public speaking engagements.

While the brief “How to deliver a TED talk” may sound somewhat grandiose, the nature of the talk itself will be focussed on how to put your life together in such a way that you are even vaguely likely to be asked to deliver a TED talk in the first place.

Having identified and walked a very powerful alternative path to the traditional formal education system, Ollie knows that while many people will achieve fulfilled lives through the more traditional means, this system doesn’t necessarily work for everyone (himself included).

Thus, the path to your life’s work can be hard to identify and follow but working towards the achievement of this (unending) goal is something that will generally lead to you becoming a more inspiring and self-actualised person than you might otherwise think possible.

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