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Pen Paper Pixels…a storytelling festival for young moderns.

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#LitFest 2444 is a festival like no other. A festival just for teens that encourages and inspires young minds to break the mould of creativity and explore conventional and revolutionary ways to tell their story.

Over two days and four venues, you’ll be surrounded by storytelling trailblazers, published authors and other creative teens. Festival presenters will share their favourite way to tell stories through sound and poetry to comics and fantasy writing.

An eclectic mix of presenters will explore both digital and traditional mediums. They’ll also unravel the skills needed to take your creativity and passion to the next level and make it your career.

All teens on the Mid North Coast, in years 6-12, who love to tell stories, write, draw or talk are invited. There’s a lot to explore and you’ll get a peek inside what’s new in the evolving digital world of storytelling.

There literally is something for every student at Litfest2444. Take a look at our program and see for yourself.



Join us 9-10 April, 2018 in Port Macquarie for a festival that will leave you inspired.

Meet our 2018 #LitFest2444 Presenters

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