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Litfest2444 is Port Macquarie’s inaugural storytelling festival, engaging young minds with the written, spoken, visual and digital word. The festival is open to all high school students throughout the Mid North Coast. Festival workshops will address traditional and digital forms, providing students with invaluable skills towards future employment and aim to enhance the enjoyment of storytelling through traditional and modern mediums.

The Festival will be an annual event attracting an audience of around 800 students. Set in the idyllic seaside backdrop of Port Macquarie the festival will be conducted at the state of the art MacKillop College campus.

Writing and storytelling is at the core of the program, driven by ideas that animate all types of literature via diverse mediums. Writers have been sourced from various forms and backgrounds, including modern novelists, screenwriters, journalists, musicians, poets, along with many leading public figures.

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Don’t just tell your story, come along and start living it!